Zoey Necrodopolous is a zombie and Zed's sister and the daughter of Zevon.

Role in Z-O-M-B-I-E-S

In the beginning of the movie, Zoey is seen playing with her stuffed animal, Xander. Her older brother, Zed comes downstairs and starts pretending to be a dog, which makes Zoey happy. She is then seen with her father, Zevon, waving goodbye to Zed as he goes off with the other zombie teens to school. She then see again outside her house in the front yard, when her father call her inside for dinner.

Background Information


Zoey is a very passionate girl, who dreams of having a dog and being a cheerleader, which is discovered by Addison during the party in Zombietown. She is very sweet and loves her older brother Zed, especially when he pretends to be a dog for her. She is not allowed to have a pet due to her being a zombie, so she pretends that her stuffed dog, Zander, is an actual dog.

Powers & Abilities

As a zombie Zoey possesses many special powers from her zombie bloodline. Therefore, Zoey is capable of the following:

  • Superspeed: This grants her speed.


Group songs



Zed is Zoey's older brother. They have a very close relationship.


  • "I'm rockin', I smile, ZOMBIES AREN'T VILE!"
  • "All they're missing is the best cheerleader I ever saw."


  • She wants to be a cheerleader.
  • Addison is the first human she meets.
  • She has an actual dog named "Puppy", which was given to her by Addison at the end of the movie.
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