Zed Necrodopolous is the male protagonist in the Disney Channel original movie, Z-O-M-B-I-E-S.


Zed is the main zombie and co-protagonist of Z-O-M-B-I-E-S. He introduces himself and talks about life in Zombietown. He also introduces his father, Zevon, and his younger sister, Zoey. His big dream is to join the football team when he gets transferred to Seabrook High School and is optimistic that things are going to be better for the zombies at Seabrook High School. On the first day of school, he sees a beautiful human girl with blonde hair entering the school and he immediately falls in love with her. Once he enters Seabrook High School, he is disappointed that he and his fellow zombies are going to take classes in the basement. Even though Principal Lee told the zombies to stay there, Zed quietly sneaks out the door and heads to football tryouts. He accidentally bumps his foot into something, calling attention to himself. This frightens a student, who pulls a Z Alert and makes all the students run away. Zed tries to reassure them everything is okay but he ends up getting chased by a group of male students and takes shelter in a zombie safe room. He suddenly notices that someone else enters the safe room after him and hides behind a column of stacked boxes. To his surprise, it was the girl he saw earlier. The two begin a friendly conversation and tell each other about their goals for the school year. Zed introduces himself to the girl and learns her name: Addison. However, when the lights go on, Addison is horrified that Zed is a zombie and punches him in the face. Addison immediately apologizes and explains that her parent always taught that zombies are "disgusting dead-eye freaks", but says that Zed isn't hideous at all and he takes it.

Background Information


Zed is mainly a rule-following student who tries to keep out of trouble. However, upon realizing that he has a chance to end the unfair treatment of his race, he jumps at the opportunity to fight for the zombie race. He is a kindhearted boy, seeing that being different isn't always bad, especially in his love interest, Addison. At one point, Zed jailbreaks his z-band with the help of Eliza so he's better at football. He also uses his jailbroken z-band to make himself look like a human in front of Addison's parents, who hate zombies, because they wouldn't let Addison continue to cheer unless they met the boy she sneaked out with.

Powers & Abilities

As a zombie, Zed has a lot of special powers because of his zombie bloodline. Therefore, he is capable of the following abilities:

  • Super speed: This grants him speed.
  • Athlete: He is skilled in football, as he is member of the Seabrook High School football team. (Rugby in England.)
  • Super strength: This grants him strength.
  • Risked life: He risked his life for the zombies at Seabrook High School so they could fit in more.




Group songs

Zombies 2



Group songs



Addison is Zed's love interest.


Eliza is one of Zed's best friends.


Bonzo is one of Zed's best friends.


Zoey is Zed's younger sister.


  • Addison is the first human that he meets.
  • Zed's position on the Seabrook High School football team is a fullback.