Wynter Barkowitz is one of the werewolves who was thought to be the tertiary antagonist in Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2 and Wyatt and Willa's packmate. She is portrayed by Ariel Martin.



Background Information


On the surface, Wynter seems like a mean, serious and ruthless werewolf. But actually, she is a big ball of heart, soul, and love. She cares a lot for her friends and pack mates and wants no one to get hurt. Because she cares so much, she can't really contain her emotions. She tends to get too energetic about things she loves. She is extremely proud to be a werewolf like many others in her pack.

Powers & Abilities

Enhances her powers with the necklace all werewolves wear that came from the moonstone with that, it can make the werewolf kind live and be healthy so they can stay alive.

  • Shapeshifting: Wynter has the ability to shift into a wolf or a wolf-like beast.
  • Full Moon: When it arrives in the sky, Wynter is forced to turn into her wolf form, and her mindset depends on what type of full moon is forcing her into beast form. Whatever the case, she will lose control and revert to a savage and predatory nature.
  • Wolf Physiology: Wynter can use all of the traits that a normal wolf would have, such as enhanced strength, senses, speed, agility, the ability to survive cold temperatures, the innate predatory instincts, and adapting to her environment, although at a much higher level and all of her human abilities along with it.


Willa Lykensen is one of Wynter's Packmates and friends.

Wyatt Lykensen is one of Wynter's Packmates and friends.


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  • Wynter can sound threatening at times.
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