Emilia McCarthy (born August 28, 1997) is a Canadian actress, dancer and writer. She played the daughter of the sheriff in the television series Netflix called Hemlock Grove. McCarthy also played Taylor Dean in the movie Zapped of Disney Channel Original Movie.

In July 2013 she began working on the film Maps to the Stars playing Kayla. The film premiered on April 14, 2014 at various festivals and generated positive reviews. McCarthy plays the role of Abby Ackerman on Max & Shred, her first lead role in a television series. It is produced by YTV and also aired on Nickelodeon. She played Lacey in Z-O-M-B-I-E-S.


  • She turned eight years old while filming Babel (2006), in which she spent six weeks in the desert in Mexico.
  • She wrote her first book inspired by a dream she had about her being in the womb.
  • She is of Canadian, Spanish, Mexican, German descent.
  • She Nominated for a Joey Award in 2015 for her performance in the TV Series Max and Shred?.